Weight Loss Made Simple!

Patch It To Lose Weight! Lose Weight & Inches,Boost Energy,Curb Cravings,Stop Overeating,Reduce Body Fat, Enhance Muscle Tone, Improve Sleep, Clincally Proven

What does the Fat Patch do?

What does the Patch do?

The Patch is all-natural and contains two patented ingredients, Forslean and ChromeMate. The Patch promotes fat loss while protecting the body's lean muscle mass.  Lean muscle is vital to burning calories and defining the body's shape.  The Patch" time releases" ingredients over 24 hours allowing you to stay in control of your appetite and cravings.  There is no other transdermal weight loss patch on the market with Forslean.

Is the Patch clinically proven?

Absolutely! Both the safety and efficiacy of The Patch have been scientifically proven. An independent, 12 week, double-blind clinical study showed 68% greater weight loss and 44% greater inch loss in users of the Patch compared to those wearing the placebo patches.  Equally important, the study showed no adverse side effects in blood pressure, heart rate or respitory rate.

What Doctors are saying......

I recommend this revolutionary,all natural,patch with confidence. Clinical study results have proven The Patch is safe and effective without negative side effects. This patch has true credibility as a weight loss product that can benefit millions of Americans. Dr Samuel Martin,M.D., FL

I have been a Chiripracactor for 40 years, practicing in America and abroad, and have found obesity to be a world wide problem.  The Fat Loss Patch is the most effective weight loss system I have found.              Dr. F.S. Paterek,D.C., Arkansas

Dr. Charlie Rouse,R.Ph.,N.M.D.,Georgia, "recommends The Patch to anyone who wants proven results because all the ingredients make it very safe and very effective.  The Patch is the Ab Solution."

Benefits of Basic Fat Loss Patch

All ingredients in both patches promote calorie burning and fat breakdown.

Forlean, an extract of the herb Coleus Forskohli, is a patented ingredient that promotes weight and inch loss, while maintaining lean muscle mass, the missing link in long-term weight management.  Maintaining lean body mass is essential for long-term weight management. Forslean was votes "Best New Product os 2001". www.forslean.comnewsletter.htm

  • Reduces Body Fat and preserves lean muscle
  • Naturally enhances metabolism
  • Clinical studies prove additional benefits!

Chromate ( Chromium polynicotinate)

  • Helps burn calories and accelerate fat loss
  • Helps balance blood sugar levels
  • Helps control appetite and curb craving

Guarana enhances the action of Forslean

  • Triggers body to burn more calories
  • Increases mental alertness and boost attention
  • Decreases appetite and fatigue
  • The amount of caffine delivered per hour is equal to 1/2 milk chocolate Kiss

Benefits of Power Fat Loss Patch

Designed for maximum results! Includes all the above ingredients PLUS 50% more ForsLean and 2 additional nutrients:

5HTP (hydroxtrptophan) a natural amino acid

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Reduces cravings for sweets and carbohydrates
  • Elevates mood

Diiodotrosine optimizes the thyroid's fat burning ability and helps preserve lean muscle.